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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Massdriver, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Massdriver Member

    hello quattro enthusiasts,

    first of all i want to introduce myself. i didnt find an "introduction-thread" so i guess it will be fine here together with my project.

    my name is marco, i m from germany and i m 39 years old. i m addicted to turbowhistling 5 cylinder quattro´s since 1988. for 3 years i had the chance to see the group-b monsters live at the european championship of rallycross near hamburg until it was canceled in 1991.

    in this forum are alot of interesting conversions and projects going on so i decided to become a member aswell.

    my project is a little bit unusual ;) . i m going to build my personal dreamcar, an 1983 audi 80 quattro sedan (2 door of course) with short wheelbase and as much sport quattro parts as possible, if available. i collected all the sport quattro parts for more than 10 years. now, almost all parts together, its going to be real. i posted some pictures im my personal album.

    from time to time i will post some more pictures and give you more details about engine, brakes and other stuff. the progress is quite slow due to lack of time. never the less it will be on the road 2011, late summer probably.


    cheers marco
  2. Tom C Member

    Wow nice project! Welcome to the forum!
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  3. S4 driver Member

    nice project, i like your dream a lot :p

    keep the pics coming

  4. ralleyquattro Member

    Wow, that is great.
    Where did you have that radiator made? I have the Sport radiator shroud but it's too big for stock Ur-q radiator. If you have some spares you want to sell let me know, I am collecting parts for my own SQ project... I have most of it, just few bits and ends here and there. Will be looking for updates!

  5. G60rallye Member

    Just worked out where you have posted the pictures and WOW! Its stunning! Love the shots of the engine bay with all the proper bits!

    Keep up the good work and definatly get some more pictures up!
  6. Massdriver Member

    Small Update

    i received a phonecall that my car is ready to paint :) i was really surprised that it is going so quick. i m on mission in bahrain right now so i have to visit them when i m back home (more pic´s are coming then).

    keep ya updated end of july.


    the watercooler was made by a friend of mine. shit load of work to make it look like it is (cast look)

    cheers marco
  7. ralleyquattro Member

    Can he make another one? ;)
  8. OKP Member

    Thats phat. I'm well impressed. Best wishes and welcome to the forum.

  9. Massdriver Member


    i already asked him last year to make 2 or 3 more but he has no time at all right now.

    but i heard from a sport quattro owner that the original sport watercooler might be remade due to dying coolers after 25 years. i will let ya know if i know more about it.


  10. Massdriver Member

    small update

    i visited the sheet metal guy last weekend. the car is almost ready. only a few things left to fix. it looks very impressive :D

    added a few pics to my gallery.


  11. John Stone Member

    That's a great project Marco.

  12. Huge Euge Member

    Hi Marco, nice project you got!

    What material you used for your body panels? carbon/kevlar or gfk? :)
  13. Massdriver Member

    the complete front end is pure carbon fibre (made by koraszewski, here the link Koraszewski Auto Sport ). also the rear wings. the rear bumper is an original one from audi made out of kevlar.


  14. Huge Euge Member

    Hallo Marco,

    How is your project going? I received complete front end from Pan Koraszewski for my project, only in carbon/kevlar. the quality is really good.

    Just wanted to ask you about quality of rear wings from Ker-innovatec? May be you know someone who used their body kit? I'm boulding lwb sport quattro.
  15. Massdriver Member

    hi there,

    right now i prepare the body for the paint job. to reduce the amount of preparation for the painter i take care of all tiny bits and pieces to fill and grind. the painter has to take care only of the large flat and round surfaces.

    next weekend i start to install the engine, exhaust and drivetrain again for perfect fitment (the 76 mm single turbo-downpipe still needs to be adapted to the K27 turbo). lots of work when it has to be perfect at the end. the paint job is planned for december but since it will still cost alot of money it might be e few months later.

    i have seen the parts from KER and i cannot recommend them. in fact they are the worst i ve ever seen. regarding fitment and overall surface condition the parts from Koraszewski are really good what i held in my hands but even here i must admit his molds are getting older and the first parts he made were a little better.

    i have choosen Koraszewski´s carbon parts because of the super light weight, still very stiff, good fitment and clearance (bonnet to wings), exact original look and 100% original sportquattro compatible (the KER rear wings for example would not fit over my original sportquattro door sills nor over the outer sportquattro wing halfshell´s)

    never the less the koraszewski parts like the grill and the tiny air inlets for the bonnet or the bumper also needs alot of grinding and filling if u want them really perfect.

    i hope that statement helps a little.

    cheers marco
  16. ralleyquattro Member

    I also have Koraszewski kit and I am very happy how he did his parts. The original Sport inner rear fender fits perfectly into his rear fender. Makes a difference when the mold is taken from an actual street car. Rally cars were very crude in comparison.

    Hope this hleps.
  17. Massdriver Member

    Last preparations done

    Today i finally finished the preparation before the thing goes to the painter. I had to throw the engine, the gearbox and some other stuff back in again to final adjust everything and to make sure every hole is where it belongs. End of next week the painter will pick up the car together with all other stuff removed because i move in May and i dont wanna have the car moving completely disassembled. Its already too much ;)

    The new struts are still not finished but that can be installed later.


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  18. lowman15 Member

    Looking very good, what colour you going for??
  19. Massdriver Member

    Thanks, i´ve decided to have it alpine white. Half a year ago the tendency was to paint it tornado red. Thats why the small stainless brackets from the intercooler are already red. Had them powdercoated but it was toooo early ;). Now i have to sandblast them and give em a white coating.

  20. 84cgtturbo Member

    I had to sign up here just to see more pics of your project, friggin awesome man!

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